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Saturday walk-in registration is available.

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Missouri Junior State Championships

Each Championship is run as its own section. A team's score is the sum of the top four players from that team. For each section, the team(s) with the highest score will be considered the Missouri State Champion.

These Championships are NOT USCF rated. Current USCF memberships are NOT required.

Instructions for entering players in the Missouri Junior State Championship.

  1. Enter the school information, even if the player is the only person from the school participating. Home-schooled players should enter the public school they would be attending. The email address is used for automatic notification and for future Gateway Chess updates, and will not be given to any other party.
  2. Select the desired Team Section from the pulldown menu. If you are entering teams in multiple sections, select (Multiple) and indicate for each player which section they are being entered in.
  3. Enter the information for each player in the appropriate box on the form.
  4. Enter any notes describing special circumstances that need to relayed to the tournament directors.
  5. Click the 'Submit Registration Information' button.
  6. Check the entry on the the confirmation page and click the 'Confirm Registration' button.

Registration Form

This form needs to be submitted by 6:00 P.M., Friday, March 16th. Any registrations submitted after this time will probably not be pre-registered at the tournament.

Changes can be made the day of the tournament.

Team (School):
Sponsor's Name:
School Address:
School Phone #:
School minimum grade:
School maximum grade:
On-site contact #:
Sponsor's Email (for confirmation):
Note 1: An email will be automatically sent to this address once you have completed the registration process. If you do not receive an email within an hour, there was probably a problem, and you should redo the registration.
Note 2: Email addresses also used if we need to contact you about problems with the registration. If the address is left blank, we will not register this entry into the tournament.

Coaches! If you have any new players, please let us know by putting the text "(New)" next to their names. Also, you can use this form to enter teams in more than one section at a time. Be sure you enter all players in all divisions before you hit the submit button.

Missouri State Championships

Please enter your team members one per line. Filling in all information will make tournament day run more smoothly.

Team Section

   Name                           USCF ID     Rating      (HS, K-9, K-8,
 (Last,First)             Grade  (or "New") (or "None")  K-6, K-5, or K-3)


You will be given a confirmation page before the final submit.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know at webmaster@gatewaychess.org.