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Pay Now Tournament Registration

This tournament is USCF-rated. All players must have a current USCF membership. Players who need a membership may purchase a discount 1-year membership on-site.

Players from multiple schools can be included in a single registration. If you do this, be clear in the list of players the school each player represents.

Please make this a number where you can be contacted during the tournament if necessary.

Enter your list of players in the "Player List" box. If a player doesn't have a USCF ID, replace the number with None. If they have no rating, replace the rating with Unrated.

Section options: HS, K-9, K-8, K-6, K-5, K-3.

Alternatively, you may upload a spreadsheet file with a list of your players. Download the template here.

Upload File

Refresh your browser page if you don't see the reCAPTCHA button. Be sure to copy your player list first to avoid having to retype the list.


Once you click "Go To Checkout" you'll be taken to our secure payment form. Payments will be made to the Missouri Chess Association.

Thanks for submitting!

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