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Learning Resources

Get started learning chess with these free online resources to help players from absolute beginner to advanced:

Lichess (pronounced LEE-chess) is a great free resource for playing and learning chess. Lichess allows you to play unlimited games of chess with friends or strangers and gives you access to thousands of tactics puzzles, dozens of training lessons, and thousands of studies for free. Parents, you can even create a managed account for your child that prevents them from chatting online with strangers and helps keep them safe while they learn. 

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Youtube is a fantastic resource for chess learning, and national master Robert Ramirez's extremely comprehensive free course that's designed for anyone from the ultimate beginner to the advanced player is one of the best. Over 100 videos that range from 10-50 minutes each. 

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 9.19.48 AM.png teaches chess using online chess "books" that use a science-based approach to train players. Pick from a large free and paid collection of digital chess "books" and learn them online. They offer many chess books for intermediate players, beginners and advanced players, including books on chess strategy, chess openings, chess tactics and chess endgames. 

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Another great, free video series designed for new players who already know the rules of chess.  Once you know the rules of chess, consider viewing this playlist in order to continually build your understanding of the game in a step by step manner.

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