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Start Competing in the Gateway League!

Are you a coach, club sponsor, parent, or player looking to start competing in our scholastic league? Check out our upcoming Events page, Junior League page, or High School League page for more information. We accept players, clubs, and teams from both sides of the river.


Are you new to competitive chess? If you're looking to join a tournament or start a club, check out our helpful guides below. 

A group of high school students playing chess in a classroom.


Private and public schools throughout the region on both sides of the river compete in our scholastic tournaments and league matches. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or other school personnel, find out how to start a club at your school. Startup costs are reasonable, and you don't have to have any experience playing chess to get started. Find out more!


Any child in grades K-12 can join one of our scholastic tournaments as long as they have a basic understanding of the game. If you're already an experienced competitor, visit our events page to register for your next tournament. If you're new to competitive scholastic chess, or even the game itself, it doesn't take long to learn, and navigating your first tournament is relatively easy. Find out how to get started playing competitive scholastic chess!

Kids playing chess in a scholastic tournament.
A child challenging another player to a game of chess.


Keeping kids playing chess requires encouragement, regular competition, and the right resources to keep them learning and honing their skills. Check out our learning resources page for help and inspiration!

Come out and play!

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